Complete Training and Fitness


Welcome to Complete Training and Fitness!

Complete Training and Fitness is a gym dedicated to helping you reach your potential. Located in Mesa, this leading-edge facility is equipped with some of the latest equipment to give you the workout you need. At Complete Training, we believe in providing workouts designed to strengthen muscles, coupled with a personalized diet plan and one-on-one attention from our personal trainer so you can make lifestyle changes, look great and feel great.

Complete Training opened in 2013 by personal trainer Jed Jobe, a former wrestler, fighter and cancer survivor who has been training since 2008. From starting as a small business in a garage with just a few people, Complete Training has become the best facility to several clients, with nearly every one of them seeing results in as little as six weeks.

Since its opening, Jed has helped professional body builders gain muscle, high school athletes increase in speed, aided several clients in losing weight and getting back into shape, and is now dedicated to helping you do the same.

Start achieving your goals today with a free consultation and one free session from Complete Training! Fill out the form below to get started:

Complete Training and Fitness, LLC
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