From Cancer to Professional Wrestling: The Story of Our Personal Trainer in Mesa

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At Complete Training and Fitness, we know that changing takes a lot of hard work. Trust us; we’ve been there. If you’ve checked out the bio of our personal trainer in Mesa in our website, you know he’s got a pretty incredible story. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, you’re in luck! This month, we are spotlighting the success of our Complete Training junkies, and we thought it no better way to kick off this series than to bring to light the story of our very own personal trainer!

From Cancer to Professional Wrestling

When you meet our personal trainer in Mesa, Jed Jobe–using that free consultation we always provide our clients, of course–you see someone who is happy, fit and healthy. But the “achievement wall”  within our Complete Training building shows another story.

About 11 years ago Jed was stuck in a hospital room having just undergone surgery, feeling miserable. He was also about 60 pounds overweight and trying to battle cancer. Once he found trying to bend over and tie his shoes was exhausting, Jed decided he wanted to make a change. From there, he started eating healthier, working out the best he could and kept moving forward until he lost all the weight and became more fit than he had ever been in his life. Jed also got a scholarship to Grand Canyon University as a wrestler and it was there he found he wanted to help others make the same life changes too.

Jed has been cancer free for about 10 years now, and works with others one-on-one, helping them achieve the same goals he worked hard to accomplish. Because he has been overweight and ill, Jed knows how his clients feel and can work with them in a unique way to help them make it through and finish their goals, and the help he’s provided our clients has been pretty incredible. Check it out for yourself in our Testimonials page.

“I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, and that gives me a different look on the way I train people. It’s not just about looking good, and that’s very important, but it’s about feeling good too.”
– Jed Jobe

We will be posting several success stories like Jed from our very own clients! Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more information. To start your own success story, come in to Complete Training today for your free consultation and one free personal training session! For more information, call 480.238.4643 or email


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